Our Conservatory / MUNI Substation Building
San Francisco, CA

We completed a conceptual design for the historic renovation of the MUNI Substation Building in the Western Addition for the music non-profit Our Conservatory. The heart of the conceptual design is a large multi-purpose performance space on the main 2nd floor, which would retain the historic roof trusses and associated open volume of the Substation. The surrounding support spaces on the 2nd and 3rd floors shall be enclosed rooms within this larger space. Rehearsal practice and classrooms are located on the ground floor where many of the existing thick foundation walls will be retained to act as a sound barrier between the rooms. Besides honoring the historic features of the building, the design is also focused on innovative green building techniques such as daylighting, solar photovoltaic panels, thermal insulation, resource-efficient finish materials, water conserving fixtures, and a radiant heating and cooling system within the concrete floor slabs.

Construction budget: $7.3 million

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