Independent Community Church
Richmond, CA

OSA was asked to design the new Independent Community Church to replace the previous church building, which was destroyed in a fire. The program for the new design is for a larger Sanctuary, with a total capacity of 400 people. The second floor contains a 100-seat balcony for the Sanctuary, and a Fellowship Hall for social events. Church offices surround the main Sanctuary space with a wrap around corridor for easy access.

An important feature of the Sanctuary is the baptismal, which is elevated above the pulpit and main stage.   Natural light overhead will highlight both the pulpit and baptismal, adding to a sense of space and spirituality.   Also, cement masonry block walls surrounding the Sanctuary are intended to create a feeling of solidity without stretching the modest construction budget. If the Church exceeds its construction budget, the Fellowship Hall could be eliminated until a future date.  

Estimated Construction Cost: $1,500,000 - 1,900,000







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